Essential Suffolk is our county's most highly targeted lifestyle magazine delivered directly to the homes your business will want to reach.

Essential Suffolk is  Suffolk's most targeted lifestyle magazine aimed at delivering businesses an affluent and economically active audience. Ten times a year we deliver the magazine, directly via Royal Mail, to 6,100 top end homes* with a further 1,100 copies distributed each issue to quality venues where we believe our target market will have the time to sit and read. Over the four years we have been delivering our magazine in this way it has proved very effective for our clients and in a recent reader survey 89% of respondents reported that they had used the services or bought goods from at least one of our advertisers.

Our select distribution list is unique and unrivalled. Every copy has been individually targeted to increase its chance of ending up in the hands of people that we have calculated have above average levels of disposable income. Unlike some publications that claim to be targeted at top homes we have not based our distribution on purchased marketing lists or computer programmes. In choosing our homes their market value, location and condition were all considered with each road within the distribution area individually visited.**

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From our research the readers of Essential Suffolk are successful, affluent, active consumers, socially mobile, community focussed and Suffolk centric.

When the market is challenging you need to ensure that each pound of your marketing budget is used effectively, through our unparalleled preparation you can be confident you will Achieve More with Essential Suffolk. To be part of Essential Suffolk contact us today.

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**Over 2500 miles were driven through the roads of Suffolk in the creation of our recipient list.

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